Within You…

A Poem

Ajay Bhagat
Apr 11, 2021
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Everyday is a fight
when it’s in your heart and mind,
but not by your side.
You try to silence
the thoughts every time,
But it’s not easy to kill those at the same time.

Every day you woke up with a smile,
As you can’t stop thinking about it whole night,
Every breath and every thought,
Keep roaring this in your mind.
Bear the pain through all the nerves every night.

Everything will be worth at the end of it,
You keep your believe and faith in it.
You have what it takes,
to get what you want.
Without a doubt in this life.



Ajay Bhagat

A programmer who loves to draw, write and read. An optimist with an INFJ personality type who seeks adventure and loves to explore new places.