Fading Away…


Ajay Bhagat
1 min readDec 30, 2022
Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

I stand here all alone
In this vast and empty space
The emptiness inside me
A never-ending chase

I try to hold on
To the memories and the past
But they slip through my fingers
Like sand that cannot last

The people I once knew
Are now just a blur
Their faces fading away
Like a dream, no longer sure

I try to hold on
To the moments we shared
But they fade away too
Leaving me feeling impaired

I’m left with just a longing
A deep and aching pain
For the times that have passed
And the people that have waned

But even as I stand here
Feeling lost and all alone
I know that I must move on
And find my way back home

For though the past may fade
And the people I once knew
I carry their memories
Deep inside, forever true

So I take a deep breath
And I let the pain subside
I turn and face the future
With hope and love as my guide.



Ajay Bhagat

A programmer who loves to draw, write and read. An optimist with an INFJ personality type who seeks adventure and loves to explore new places.