Drowning in my Thoughts…


Ajay Bhagat
1 min readFeb 21, 2021
Drowning in my thoughts representation through sketch artwork.

Broken heart, damaged soul with a confused mind
With so many thoughts in my mind
How could I sleep
When I’m drowning in my thoughts every night

In the ocean of these thoughts, I don’t know how to swim
But with a hope of dreams, I’m trying to swim
I don’t know! how long I’m going to survive

My own beliefs, convictions, and values were pulling me down
When every time with hope, I try to come above
Should I leave the hope, give up to death
Or is there still any scope? when I’m trying to escape

Don’t tell me that it’s not so deep
When you are not drowning in it
My thoughts are not narrow just like a stream
But they have the depth of the ocean in it

I know I don’t give up because I know how to fight
But it’s exhausting daily to survive the night
When I’m drowning in my thoughts every night



Ajay Bhagat

A programmer who loves to draw, write and read. An optimist with an INFJ personality type who seeks adventure and loves to explore new places.