A Poem

Ajay Bhagat
Jun 1, 2021
Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

Broken heart,
is just like broken ribs.
It’s goes through pain
with every breath.

Only the time will tell
Whether the pain
will kill or heal,
But it learns to smile
with a strong will.

Those broken pieces with
sharp edges.
Keep shattering themselves
deep inside.
Inflicting the damage
with the pain inside.

The pain never goes anywhere,
it stays inside.
As it hides behind the smile with the time.
The smile shines brighter
than the pain inside.
With a every passing night.



Ajay Bhagat

A programmer who loves to draw, write and read. An optimist with an INFJ personality type who seeks adventure and loves to explore new places.